animal9We have many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies available for adoption.

Search a national website to see our most current and complete list, or visit our Available Pets page. Not all available animals are on the website, so you may want to visit the Shelter. You can also see pets in The Kentucky Standard and on Bardstown’s cable station, PLG-TV “Pet of the Week” segment (Wednesdays, with hourly news starting at 6 PM).

Requirements: You must be at least 18 years old. If you live in rental property, you must have your landlord’s permission. You must submit a pre-adoption application for approval.

Adoption Fees: $150 for dogs and puppies, $80 for cats and kittens.

Fees cover veterinary supplies and services, as follows: Feline Leukemia Test for cats and kittens, Heartworm test for dogs over the age of six months, spay/neuter surgery, treatment for fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites, initial set of vaccinations, rabies vaccinations for animals 3 months and older, and a microchip. Fees also include a current license and tag for Nelson County residents.

animal13Please understand that we do not sell pets for a profit. Based on our conversation with the potential adopter as to what type home–age of children, other pets, physical environment, lifestyle–we are attempting to place these pets with responsible, committed owners in homes where the pets are most likely to live long, happy lives.

Shelter animals are not for everyone, and may have health and behavioral problems that require extra effort and expense. Remember that you are “rescuing”, not “purchasing,” when you adopt from an animal shelter.

Returns: We will always take back an animal that was adopted through our program. Depending on the circumstances and length of time elapsed, we may refund the fee.


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Download our Printable Adoption Application and mail to:
Humane Society of Nelson County
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