animal14The Nelson County Animal Control Ordinance requires that cats and dogs in this county be licensed annually. The purpose is twofold: to provide an ID tag so that a pet’s owner can be quickly identified and located, and to generate revenue to benefit the animal control and shelter program.

County pet licenses must be renewed every year during January. There is no longer a state license tag program. State law does require that dogs, cats, and ferrets be vaccinated for rabies, and that dogs wear a rabies tag. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

You may print out and mail an application with the appropriate fee, or you may apply in person at the Nelson County Animal Shelter, between 11am-1pm Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment. Monday – Friday, and 10-2 on Saturday, 2391 New Haven Rd, Bardstown KY 40004 (502-348-1865).


Download the License Application