Yard Sale – Virtual and Ongoing

Due to the pandemic, we may have to cancel the Fall yard sale that we tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 7.  We are going to start listing items already in storage in Bardstown, on this website, as well as on Facebook.  If interested, contact Judy at jcatfarm@hotmail.com to make an appointment to see and possibly purchase items.

We have an abundance of pet supplies, new and used, that are dropped off at the shelter, including litter pans, pet dishes, pet beds, collars, leashes, pet sweaters, etc. We will post photos of bigger, more expensive items, with a brief description and requested fee.

Dog Stroller

For small or medium size dogs. Listed on online sites for prices ranging up to $300.  Very good condition,  asking $150.

Doggy Wheelchair

For medium to large dog, give mobility to dogs paralyzed in back legs. Owner paid $150.  Asking $50.

Pet Habitat

Very sturdy, was used for a hedgehog.  Would work for other animals, like ferrets, bunnies, etc.  Good for indoors, on wheels.   Asking $50.