There are many ways to help companion animals in our community.  

Nelson County Animal Shelter

The shelter is managed and funded by county government.  To inquire about volunteer opportunities there, please call 502-348-1885 for more information or contact them via their website.

Humane Society of Nelson County

Spay-Neuter Clinic

Adult volunteers are sometimes needed to help receive clients and patients at our spay/neuter clinic.  You must be 18 years or older and be available from 8 a.m. until the work is done, which is usually about 2 p.m. Duties include obtaining intake information, explaining the preoperative instructions, collecting payment, providing postoperative care instructions, cleaning surgical instruments and making surgical packs for next day’s procedures. Call us at 502-349-2082. 


Fostering an animal awaiting adoption is a great way to volunteer, doing most of the work in your own home.  The purpose of fostering is to place animals that are very young, injured or ill, or unsocialized into a quiet, nurturing environment where they can grow, recover, and learn to trust and enjoy human companionship.  For more information, please call 502-349-2082 and leave a message. Your call will be returned.


Volunteers are often needed to take cats and dogs to distant facilities that assist our shelter in finding new homes. Trips are often only to Louisville, or Lexington area, but can also be as far as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, etc. Volunteers need reliable vehicles, and usually contribute the cost of gasoline, though sometimes the shelter can reimburse for that expense. Call us at 502-349-2082.

Humane Education/Pet Therapy

Visits can be made to schools, clubs and organizations, festivals, churches and assisted living facilities. Visits are usually made by Shari Stackhouse, Executive Director, who is always happy to have extra help taking shelter animals for these visits, and who would like to train new volunteers for this volunteer activity.  If you would like to go along, contact her for a schedule of events at 502-349-2082 or email

Other Activities

There are other ways to help, such as local fundraising and promotional events (Tractor Supply, Kroger), help with newsletter, etc. For more info about these opportunities, Shari Stackhouse, Executive Director at 502-349-2082 or email